Skull Bat Boy's graveyard has erupted in chaos! 
Help him restore peace!

Triple jump = "A" button three times
bone throw = "Spacebar"
move left = "Left" arrow
move right = "Right" arrow

"Grim Quiet" / Thomas Frost

Gdevelop Techincal Help!
@Keo   /   @BWPanda   /   @Greench
  @Silver-Streak   /   @DarkSeed_78

Ghoulish Gary  /

Sound Effects!

Game and Artwork!
Eric "Super Villain"

Created With!


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molto bello ma il primo livello e troppo difficile


Very cool style! I just found it hard to die straight away when hurt by enemies but with some practice I managed to beat the level 1-1

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Nice style graphic, i can't ffinish the first level haha i'am so I'm bad on platform games ^^
Thank to Elrenia for video :)

Very nice the differents type of ennemies !
I love ambiant sound and music !!

thanks so much!! haha, i made the game a bit too tough, a bit too ambitious for my first game, haha.  gdevelop is amazing, cant wait to explore more with it, already thinking of a new game to start!

Good stuff! I really like the art allot, it was like a dark version of Super Mario. Too bad I could not get further! Made you a video: 

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this is so awesome!  thank you for making this!  haha, i laughed the whole time, you did pretty great with just a few tries, and thanks for exposing the glitch and the control mistake in the credits.  fixing now!  thanks so much! i hope youll play again and beat the game!  
updated the controls and the boundaries of the levels, thanks so much for playing, the video and letting me know about the updates!

Np at all! It was awesome! Seriously LOVE the art. Super cool. Thanks ^_^

Good job!